Instrument Sterilization

All instruments are sterilized before they ever enter a treatment area. Sterilization begins with total immersion in a disinfecting ultrasonic sink that removes any microscopic debris. Instruments are then individually sealed and wrapped and placed into an autoclave that reaches 275 degrees F, and 31 PSI, killing all possible viruses and bacteria. For every cycle we run, an indicator strip is placed inside the autoclave to ensure the load has reached the correct temperature and pressure required for proper sterilization. Once per week, we perform a spore test. This is done on the autoclave to confirm that the machine is performing to the highest safety standards. We also replace disposables after every single patient. Disposable items include: suction tips, sheaths for light handles, tray covers, and patient bibs to protect clothing.

Patient and Staff Protection

During treatment, all staff wear masks, safety glasses, and gloves. If a staff member needs to leave the treatment room for any reason, gloves are always replaced with a new pair. Patients are always given safety glasses to wear for eye protection. Every treatment room is disinfected with an antibacterial hospital grade disinfectant solution. The dental chair as well as countertops, x-ray heads, handles, hoses, and any other surfaces used are thoroughly disinfected after each patient. All staff maintain certifications with the American Heart Association for Basic Life Support (CPR & AED) training. Our clinical staff also attend continuing education courses on hazard communication, bloodborne pathogens, and radiation safety.